Engagement Session || ERWIN & YVETTE ||

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ā€œš™ø ššœššŠšš  šššš‘ššŠšš šš¢šš˜ššž šš ššŽšš›ššŽ šš™ššŽšš›ššššŽššŒšš, ššŠšš—šš ššœšš˜ š™ø šš•šš˜ššŸššŽšš šš¢šš˜ššž. ššƒšš‘ššŽšš— š™ø ššœššŠšš  šššš‘ššŠšš šš¢šš˜ššž šš ššŽšš›ššŽ šš—šš˜šš šš™ššŽšš›ššššŽššŒšš ššŠšš—šš š™ø šš•šš˜ššŸššŽšš šš¢šš˜ššž ššŽššŸššŽšš— šš–šš˜šš›ššŽ.ā€

HMUA – Sandy Malabanan
Venue – Shercon Resort Ecology Park
Photog – RMR Digital

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