30 thoughts on “Contact

  1. May Cuevas

    Hello sir. May i know the additional price for the Red Diamond if the SDE will be Aerial SDE.
    Our tentative wedding day is on January 10,2015. Is there ang discount for early booking?

  2. Lyka medrano

    Good day, for prenups, do you provide your own stylist/make up artist or do we have to make arrangements separately? Would you charge extra if the prenup will be in bulacan? Thanks

  3. Rj Llanes

    Hi sir,

    Good day.

    I just want to ask if you received the email that I sent yesterday about my query for your services?

    Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon.


    1. rmrdigitalphotography

      Hi sir,

      Good Day! with regards to your inquiry, the Red Diamond package will be available until Dec 31, 2014 only. Starting January 2015 there will be an increase of 10% to 15% of our wedding packages.If you want to avail the present wedding rate, booking should be done until the last day of December 2014.

      Thank you and we are looking forward to render our service with you.


  4. Raquel

    Good morning just want to enquire regarding your package Adana, my mum just s celebrating her 75th birthday and it’s a surprise, would there be any discount at all. Thank you

  5. janine

    hi inquire ako ng packages,, wedding date is dec 4, 2016 tpos s san juan batangas ang venue, need ko po un package from lowest to higheast with mga inclusions per packages, thank you

  6. Madz

    hi sir would like to ask if the prenup photos includes in your wedding promo rates? how about an event planner?

  7. Chris

    Good afternoon.I’d like to inquire on wedding promo rates if still on going and available on July 15,2017 @ Ibaan,Batangas.Thank you.

    1. rmrdigitalphotography


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