Aerial SDE Taal Wedding – DAVE & QUEENCY –

Perhaps perfection seems too bold A word here to apply. For once love penetrates the heart, It spreads to cloud the eye. Still we in blindness take a chance And gladly join in Cupid’s dance. For every joyful heart has shown, Perfection dwells in love alone.
Photo : Ronald Ramos
SDE: RMR Digital Team
St. Martin de tours basilica
Cesca’s kitchen Catering
Mulingtapang flower shop
Abby’s Garden Resort
Casa Conchita
Bed & Breakfast Mom’s kitchen by Ivy – Cake & Pastries Donn Ramos –
Hma Laguna lovedub bridal car
Jedaro Jepardo of Chez Amiz – Coordinator
Ashley’s party need – invitation & souvenir

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