Lima Park Hotel SDE Wedding — Luart & Regina – 06.27.15

I came here today to join my life to yours before this company. In their presence I pledge to be true to you, to respect you, and to grow with you through the years. Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come; no matter what we may encounter together, I vow here that this love will be my only love. I will make my home in your heart from this day forward.
Photo : Ronald M Ramos
SDE : RMR Digital Film
Coordinator : Chalebrations Events Planning & Management
HMUA : Malick James Hilado
Lima Park Hotel Catering Services
Host : Richie Atienza
Florist : Te Amo
Propyl Lights & Sounds
Stylist : Agnes Bautista Pingol
Los Lipenos Band

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