R.Signature Artwork — by Ronald Ramos (RMR)

Photography gives me a way to bring out the joy in me. These photos are some of those sensitively composed and charged with emotion, captured at the right moment. My passion to create something new in every click of the camera ignites my desire to pursue further.
So guys, hope you’ll enjoy this set.
may 10 jan 20 net 6 3 2 aug 31 part 2 coritus dec 29 aug 2 jan 18 jan 20 part2 jan 20 FB franco akte 1 jan 26 kervin jan 5 bell tower 7 may 10 part 3 roni groom may 10 part 2 March 15 part 2 sept june 8 laiyalong expoure1 bpcc2 keda bpcc 1 bpcc12 long expoure2 long expoure aug 31 meah neil bpcc taal top March 15 part 3 mabini 3 DSC_0036

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