Engagement Session — Kervin & Haidee — (Dec 16 Wedding)

One of my favorite place to do a pictorial session is in Cintai Coritos Garden located in Lipa, Batangas. The artistic design of the place really amaze me. That’s why when Kervin and Haidee told me that we will do the session here, wow….I truly got excited.

Early in the morning of the scheduled date of the pictorial, I prepared my things, armed with my gears, and ready to shoot. As we start, Haidee at first was shy, and that’s very normal, but as we go on, she was able to show the beauty she have, a very nice and beautiful subject. Kervin on the other hand is a total opposite of her bride, he’s very confident on what he do (maybe he was trained earlier by “Von”…his very supportive brother…hahahaha.) By the way, Von is also a member of Batangas Province Camera Club.

Thanks also to their talented makeup artist Romar Ada R.N.. who bring out all the beauty of Haidee and the good looks of Kervin. As a whole, another successful prenuptial pictorial. “Enjoy browsing..”

Venue:   Cintai Coritos Garden
Event Stylist: Romar Ada R.N
Photo: Ronald Ramos

One response to “Engagement Session — Kervin & Haidee — (Dec 16 Wedding)”

  1. wow. kilala ko po si Haidee 🙂 batchmate ni ate ko nung elementary. thumbs up po sa mga photos at sa mga subjects. Best Wishes :))

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