San Jose Patriarco Parish Church – Wedding – | Jonathan & April | 09.16.12

I had been to Valentino Resort several times, had pictorials and event shoot. But what’s different this time is that, the atmosphere is very inspiring. I felt like were in Baguio because the fog was so thick that morning. It was an immeasurable enjoyment for me because I love working when it’s cold.

We arrived early at the Contemporary were the bride is. She was quite surprised knowing that we get there ahead of the call time. The members of the entourage particularly the brides maids were very fun to get with, so it’s easy to have their pictures taken.

Though the groom arrived quite late as I expected, still we got the shots we wanted. There’s a pinch of pressure but a lot of excitement while shooting.

And one more thing…I call it a “Chocolate Wedding Day”, because there’s a lot of chocolate around, you can even step on it inside their room..Oh so sweet!


MUA: Mystique
Photo by: Ronald M Ramos
Church: San Jose Patriarco Parish Church, San Jose,Batangas
Reception: Valentino Resort and Spa, Pinagtong-Ulan, San Jose, Batangas

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